Wound Stripe

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Issued For: This award is issued to members of the Royal Manticoran Armed Services who either are seriously injured while on duty during an event or participate in a blood donation drive at an event. The injury must be serious enough to require emergency room attention. This award is denoted by a blood red stripe one centimeter in width, at a 30- degree angle all the way around the upper right sleeve of the uniform below the TRMN Patch, or on the right sleeve of a civilian court dress or tuxedo, and worn below the Monarch’s Thanks and Mentioned in Dispatches. Multiple awards are denoted by additional stripes up to four. After the fifth award, a gold boarder is added to the top stripe and the others are removed. A sixth and subsequent award are denoted by additional stripes below the gold-boarded stripe, up to the ninth award. After the tenth award, a gold boarder is added to the second stripe and the other are removed. The pattern continues, with every fifth award converted into a gold-bordered stripe. Donation of Blood is also an acceptable method for gaining the Wound Stripe. For qualifying based on donation of blood, the donation must occur at a Fleet or Admiralty House event , and the donation must be documented and a copy of the documentation must be submitted with the award nomination for review. The person donating blood must donate one pint for the first instance of this award, but three pints for each subsequent award.

Issued by: First Space Lord (RMN), Commandant of the Corps (RMMC)

Order of Precedence: 30

Frequency: As needed