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In wanting to have disclosure of what we do, the Bureau of Supply is releasing our own Frequently Asked Questions for your information and enjoyment.
What does BuSup do?

The Bureau of Supply purchases items for sale to the membership to complete their uniforms and other items that are of interest within the group. The main task of BuSup is to get all of the awards physically made so people can display their accomplishments. We also handle all vendors and suppliers with approvals and pricing for the group as a whole.
Who are the members of BuSup - and what do they do?

Our Current Roster as follows:

Chief of Staff - e-mail:
Lieutenant (sg) Doug Henry
The CoS fields questions from many different sources, helps in the acquisition of new staff and works to generally make the life of everyone in the current staff lives easier. Other duties as assigned.

Deputy 7th Space Lord - e-mail:
D7SL’s job is to learn everything the current Space Lord does to accomplish the everyday running of supplying the store, approving vendors and finding suppliers. They also are responsible for helping the Space Lord with any projects currently going on that assistance is needed. Other duties as assigned.

Storekeeper - e-mail:
Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Wagner
The Storekeeper is responsible for maintaining the website store and updating as need be. Also, he works closely with other people in the UK to make it easier for them to attain items for their membership. Other duties as assigned.

Chief of Social Media
Is responsible for promotion and our online presence among the membership. They are the one who publishes and announces new items to the store, specials and gathering needs/wants from the membership. Other duties as assigned.

External Vendor Liaison
Ensign Bruno Vieira Barbosa Carneiro
Is responsible for communications with our vendors and assisting with setting up international ordering. This includes, but not limited to contracts, questions and other account maintenance. Other duties as assigned.

Grayson Space Navy Liaison
Captain Aaron (Ote MacOdo) Davis
Is responsible for compiling a list of needed next items for the Graysons, finding vendors and pricing for things that are needed to complete the Grayson uniform. Other duties as assigned.

The Royal Manticoran Marine Liaison
Captain Don Reisdorph
Is responsible for compiling a list of needed next items for the RMMC, finding vendors and pricing for things that are needed to complete the RMMC uniform. Other duties as assigned.

7th Space Lord (Bureau of Supply)
Rear Admiral of the Red Heidi Nelson
The Space Lord's job is to make sure that the store is running well and to put into production the things that are approved by the Bureau of Communications. Other duties include, but not limited to, approving vendors, keeping track of stock, shipping items ordered from the store, and fielding any questions/concerns that may arise from others within the organization. Other duties as assigned by the 1st Space Lord or the Admiral of the Fleet.
Where can I find the things that BuSup sells?

Store and Various links can be found at :
I have and idea for something that BuSup can sell; who do I contact?

Contact The Chief of Staff at the above e-mail.
I know a good supplier, who do I contact?

Contact The Chief of Staff at the above e-mail.
I know, or know someone that knows, how to make some nice things; can I/he make stuff for BuSup?

Contact The Chief of Staff at the above e-mail.
Why, to be able to produce these things, do we need to keep the first 11 of the item produced?

We are required to distribute these "first 11" to specific parties Due to the contracts and obligations we have with David Weber and/or BuNine. This is only required of official items for the uniforms or as dictated by BuNine or/and David Weber.
Who control trademarks and does Weber (or anyone else) get paid for the things we sell?

In this case, it depends on who owns the intellectual rights or artwork for the item in questions. Every item is treated on a one on one basis and is reviewed before being produced. David Weber does receive royalties on things that are his personal intellectual property, as he should.
Who can make or sell TRMN stuff?

Only vendors authorized by BuSup are allowed to sell things on the behalf of the TRMN. There are times that things are produced as a trial run or “one off” basis. These things also must be approved on anything that is either Honorverse or TRMN related. When in doubt, always email . We all need to be careful on this as we do not want to lose our official status as a group.
What is an 'authorized vendor'? What do I have to do to become one?

Contact The Chief of Staff at the above e-mail with questions
Does BuSup sell uniforms? If no, can it help me make one?

We do not sell uniforms directly (yet). We are currently doing bulk orders (groups of uniforms placed at the same time) and there are other uniform vendors available. We are going to have a pattern for sale in the store in the near future, along with some other patterns and trims, to make your own uniform or have someone make it for you.
A lot of tutorials on uniform construction can be found at
There are uniform manuals (currently RMN and RMMC) online at: These manuals also contain a list of item suppliers.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the BuSup staff. Happy Cos-playing!