In wanting to have disclosure of what we do, the Bureau of Supply is releasing our own Frequently Asked Questions for your information and enjoyment.
What does BuSup do?

The Bureau of Supply purchases items for sale to the membership to complete their uniforms and other items that are of interest within the group. The main task of BuSup is to get all of the awards physically made so people can display their accomplishments. We also handle all vendors and suppliers with approvals and pricing for the group as a whole.
Who are the members of BuSup - and what do they do?

You can see our roster on the TRMN Wiki: http://wiki.trmn.org/wiki/index.php/Bureau_of_Supply#Bureau_Staff

Key contacts are below:

General enquiries: busup@trmn.org

Enquiries about suppliers and products: cos@busup.trmn.org

Enquiries about UK/EU Orders: ukops@busup.trmn.org

Escalation: d7sl@busup.trmn.org

Where can I find the things that BuSup sells?

Store and Various links can be found at : https://store.trmn.org/
I have and idea for something that BuSup can sell; who do I contact?

Contact The Chief of Staff at the above e-mail.
I know a good supplier, who do I contact?

Contact The Chief of Staff at the above e-mail.
I know, or know someone that knows, how to make some nice things; can I/he make stuff for BuSup?

Contact The Chief of Staff at the above e-mail.
Why, to be able to produce these things, do we need to keep the first 11 of the item produced?

We are required to distribute these "first 11" to specific parties Due to the contracts and obligations we have with David Weber and/or BuNine. This is only required of official items for the uniforms or as dictated by BuNine or/and David Weber.
Who control trademarks and does Weber (or anyone else) get paid for the things we sell?

In this case, it depends on who owns the intellectual rights or artwork for the item in questions. Every item is treated on a one on one basis and is reviewed before being produced. David Weber does receive royalties on things that are his personal intellectual property, as he should.
Who can make or sell TRMN stuff?

Only vendors authorized by BuSup are allowed to sell things on the behalf of the TRMN. There are times that things are produced as a trial run or “one off” basis. These things also must be approved on anything that is either Honorverse or TRMN related. When in doubt, always email: cos@busup.trmn.org . We all need to be careful on this as we do not want to lose our official status as a group.
What is an 'authorized vendor'? What do I have to do to become one?

Contact The Chief of Staff at the above e-mail with questions
Does BuSup sell uniforms? If no, can it help me make one?

We run mass orders for uniforms, these can be seen by following us on facebook, and a special uniform order category is added to the store when they are open. If you want to know when the next one is happening please email the staff address above.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the BuSup staff. Happy Cos-playing!