BuSup Roadmap

A lot of people have requested our RoadMap so we're publishing it here. As items move towards the top they are closer to being made, but please remember that our funds are limited and it takes time for us to produce things. Also things beyond our control can move things up and down the list so please be ready for things to change. Entry on this list should not be taken as a guarantee that the product will be made, just that we're aware of it.

To make suggestions or have things considered for addition to our roadmap please email busup@trmn.org

Items being actively worked on

Metal Medals that have been sponsored

GSN Flag ranks

32 Club Pins

RMMM Cuff insignia

2nd Masadan War Campaign Medal

OGL Neck Medal

MGL/GLM Ribbon



Items being researched

RHN gold enlisted insignia


Items on our “ToDo” list

Missing GSN Ribbons

  • Masadan War Campaign Medal
  • Reserve Forces Service Medal
  • Protectors Cross

IAN Kadett Ranks

  • White Eagle
  • Silver Helmet shoulder button

IAN Leutnant der Sterne Ranks

  • Cuff Silver Star
  • Red Eagle

IAN Flag Ranks

  • Gold Eagle with Star
  • Großadmiral Der Flotte Crossed ships shoulder Device
  • Großadmiral Der Flotte Star Collar pin
  • Gold Star shoulder Pip
  • Gold Eagle with Star shoulder button
  • Gold star with red border cuff pin

RHN Officer Ranks
RHN Enlisted Ranks in Other colours
RHN Flag Ranks
College style TRMN Car Banner
Engraved Water Bottles
ID Card holder

Mug Holder belt pouch

RMA Ribbons

IAN Officer Ranks

  • Gold Cuff Star
  • Gold helmet shoulder button
  • Silver Eagle shoulder pip
  • Gold Eagle shoulder pip

Far Future

GSN SCAB with multiple awards

RMN Dress Medals (faster with funding):

  • OCN
  • SPX
  • GACM
  • KR3CM
  • MSM
  • MRSM
  • GCM
  • NRHE
  • NPHE
  • NRE
  • PRE
  • NRS
  • PRS

Items we can’t progress

Civilian Ribbons (No artwork)
Tree Cats