Terms and Conditions

This page will outline the terms and conditions for placing orders on our store. You must accept these whenever you place an order on the store.

There are links to pages that cover sections in more detail.

The privacy policy and rights under GDPR can be found here: Privacy Policy

The shipping and returns policy can be found here: Shipping and Returns Policy

Information on international shipping can be found here: International Shipping

General Terms and Conditions

1)  The store mostly stays on a once a week schedule of shipping but not always.  If you need something by a certain day, write a note when placing your order and/or email busup@trmn.org ( putting on Priority does not necessarily ship it any faster, just means your package will arrive sooner then normal shipping). Please also remember that around holidays, conventions and other events, the store may close or not staff well enough to stay on schedule.  We really try to announce when closures happen ahead of time, but sometimes "real life" gets in the way and we may be delayed on shipments going out.

2) Items that are marked as pre-orders do not have any guaranteed ship dates. We are at the mercy of our vendors as to when they make and ship items to us.  We will update as we can and try to keep everyone in the loop as to expected timing to be received by the store for reshipping. That being said, anything that is on a pre-order status cannot be cancelled unless confirmed by a staff member.

3) Shipments that have a mix of pre-order and regular stock items will ship once complete. If you order, lets say, 8 award ribbons, a coin and a shiny new uniform, it could take up to 12 weeks before your order would ship.  If you have need of those items sooner, we can always work something out and ship out sooner. All one needs to do is email busup@trmn.org .

4) If you have any issues (quality, etc) or questions/feedback on items, please feel free to reach out to us to address any concerns you have. We would love to have your feedback as to improve things moving forward. We may even send out a replacement in cases the workmanship does not meet our high standards.  

5) Pick up orders will be allowed only for conventions or by pre-authorization of the Seventh Spacelord.  All others must pay shipping or the orders will not ship. If you ever need help with or chose pick up in error, please email us at busup@trmn.org Thank you for your understanding.

To sum it up, no matter what you need, we are here to help!!  If we can make your experience in the TRMN better, we would like to try. In the end, we are all just a bunch of volunteers looking to have fun and play in this little "sandbox" that has been created for us!!


Rear Admiral Joseph Harney

Seventh Space Lord, Bureau of Supply