Privacy Policy

Below is our privacy policy and documentation on how the Bureau of Supply and this store satisfy the GDPR regulation and your rights under them. This only covers data handled by the Bureau of Supply, not any other TRMN data processing.

Data Controller

Bureau of Supply

Data Protection Officer for the Bureau of Supply

7th Space Lord - Rear Admiral Joseph Harney

Ways we process and collect data

Data is collected by:

  • creating an account
  • placing an order
  • using our contact form

We use the data to

  • Process your order
  • Ship your order
  • Respond to your question or issue
  • Contact you about order issues
  • Order a custom item

We pass your data to data controllers in these situations

  • Quoting for postage (to USPS or Royal Mail)
  • Passing measurements on for a custom uniform (to BandShoppe)
  • Taking a payment (to Paypal or Square)
  • Processing orders (to BigCommerce)
  • Handling complaints or issues (to TRMN’s Royal Council)
  • To process emails or collate information (Google Apps)

Details of each of these Data Processors is included below. 

Lawful Basis for processing

We rely on two main lawful basis for processing your data. The primary one is "Contract" to process your data, when you purchase from our store you are in effect entering into a contract for us to deliver goods and services to you. In terms of our newsletter and other marketing comms we rely on "Consent". Both of these are checked for when you make an order, acceptance of the Ts&Cs is mandatory, consent to marketing is optional.

Who has access to my data?

Key members of the Bureau of Supply staff will have access to this data. This allows them to process orders.

Only staff that need access to customer and order data to complete their duties will have it. 

Customer and order data is restricted on a need to know basis.

Data is only passed to other data processes for specific needs, e.g. processing a payment or quoting for postage. We never transmit more data than is needed to carry out the task at hand.

Data is not transmitted en masse to any other organisation.

Your rights under GDPR

Right of Access

You can log into your user account to see what data we hold on your. We also have the ability to let you know what data we hold on you.

Right to Rectification

Most data we hold on you can be changed by logging into your account. If you let us know what changes we need to make we can also make it through the backend.

Right to Erasure

We can delete your account upon request. From the deletion being started, all of your data will be erased within 14 days. Please note this means you will lose your account and order history, if you want to order with us again you will have to create a new account

Right to Portability

We have the ability, on request, to export your data via a CSV format. This is a universally accepted format and so can be taken or ported to any other site.

Right to Object

We only process your data with regards to your order. If you wish to stop this you can contact us to cancel your order, after we have cancelled it we will stop processing your data.

Data Processors

Big Commerce - Software behind the store. Their Privacy policy can be found here: 

PayPal - Payments processor. Their Privacy Policy can be found here: 

Square - Payments processor. Their Privacy Policy can be found here: 

USPS - postage integration. Their Privacy Policy can be found here: 

Royal Mail  - postage integration. Their Privacy Policy can be found here: 

The Royal Manticoran Navy - Royal Council - For complaints or issues with members purchasing. Their privacy policy can be found here: 

BandShoppe - custom uniforms. Their Privacy Policy can be found here: 

Google Apps - Email and document storage. Their Privacy Policy can be found here: 

If you have any questions or concerns please use our contact form or email: