Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal

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Issued For: This award is issued to TRMN members who have undertaken extreme or lengthy travel to participate on behalf of the TRMN. The two important criteria are “extreme or lengthy” and “to participate on behalf of the TRMN.” The definition of lengthy travel requires a judgment call by the unit commanding officer. A possible standard for lengthy travel might be travelling a distance of 260 or more miles. If travel distances from one chapter to another within a squadron exceed this distance, then the distance travelled necessary should be extended in order to reflect this fact. As for “extreme” travel, the purchasing of an airline ticket will automatically qualify as extreme travel. Additionally, the use of public transportation that increases the time it takes to travel to an event is double other means of transportation would also qualify for the award under extreme travel conditions. Crossing two or more state lines or an international border would also qualify as extreme travel (due to the nature of international border crossing requirements and potential inspections). Another example of extreme travel conditions may also apply to cities with extremely congested traffic patterns (for instance LA, Boston, Chicago, etc.) where the distance may only be 20-30 miles, but it takes 1-2 hours to travel that distance to traffic conditions. The unit commanding officer, on a case-by-case basis, will consider other instances of extreme travel. The definition of “to participate on behalf of TRMN” is more exact: Simply attending a convention with the other members of your chapter does not qualify. Doing so because you are going to be presenting a class , a demonstration, staffing a recruiting table, or operating a cosplay rest and recovery station would all fulfill the participation requirement to qualify for this award.

Issued by: Unit commanding officers down to the divisional (RMN) or battalion (RMMC) level

Order of Precedence: 49

Frequency: Once per calendar year

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