Prisoner of War Medal

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Issued For: This award is issued to those TRMN members who dedicate time to another science fi ction oriented fan organization. A science fi ction fan organization is a national/international organization in which people join to become a participating member. Some may require members to pay annual dues, while others do not. They usually have specifi c rules, bylaws, and other operating procedures by which they operate. In many instances, certain military-style uniforms based on certain science fiction intellectual property must be worn at official functions. This includes, but is not limited to, groups such as Maquis Forces International, STARFLEET International, Colonial Defense Forces, etc. To qualify for this award, the TRMN member *must* wear a distinctive RMN item (RMN Beret, RMMC Patch, RMN Awards, RMN Rank, etc) with their other uniform or fandom appropriate as a “Prisoner of War”. The item or items worn “must be distinctive” enough to leave no doubt that the person is also a member of TRMN. Wearing blue astrogration chevrons on a uniform that perfectly mimic the blue chevrons on many police-inspired costumes would not be sufficient to meet the criteria for this award. However, showing up to a meeting in your CDF uniform with your RMN Ship Patch would qualify. Additionally, the event in which is a TRMN member attends in their other uniform or fandom appropriate outfit must be wholly sponsored by the science fiction oriented fan organization in question. Simply attending a convention as a member of another science fiction oriented fan organization is not sufficient to qualify for this award.

Issued by: Unit commanding officers down to the numbered fleet level

Order of Precedence: 47

Frequency: Once per calendar year

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    Great ribbon.

    Posted by Tracy Newby on Jul 11th 2017

    Highest quality and great appearance.