Parliamentary Medal of Valor

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Issued For: This awards is the highest award for valor issued to any citizen of the Star Empire of Manticore. This award

is for providing lifesaving medical assistance above and beyond the call of duty. To qualify for this award, the recipient

must save a life. Providing a first aid kit at an accident scene would not qualify. Performing fi rst aid in a situation where

the recipient would have died without your intervention would qualify. Note that the situation in which life saving services

are rendered need not be life threatening for the TRMN personnel delivering the services. For this Award to be granted,

attestation from Medical personnel or independent third party is required. The recipient is entitled to the post nominal

letters of ‘PMV’.

Because of the nature of their professions, and the definition of ‘above and beyond’ is difficult at best, therefore, the

award for those personnel who are professional first responders or who volunteer in other life-saving positions will be

addressed on a case by case basis by the Houses of Parliament. This award will be voted on as follows by the Houses of


Both the House of Lords and the House of Commons will hear the evidence for this award. They will then be permitted a

reasonable time to debate the award, not to exceed two weeks. After the debate, both Houses of Parliament will vote on

the award. A vote of 66% or greater by both Houses will be required for the issuance of the Parliamentary Medal of Valor

to any member. The First Lord of the Admiralty, or their designee, will then present the award on behalf of the Monarch at

the next event at which the recipient will be present.

Issued by: The Houses of Parliament, presented by the First Lord of the Admiralty on behalf of the Parliament.

Order of Precedence: 1

Frequency: As needed