Navy/Marine Pistol High Expert Medal

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Issued For: This award is issued to any member for having completed fifty (50) games of a space based tactical games. The games must be logged and witnessed by two people, unless played via Saganami Island with a BuTrain Instructor or have some independent, verifiable system in place. See Appendix I of the awards manual for an explanation of Games Played. See Admiralty Order 1604-01 in Appendix II of the awards manual for a list of accepted games to qualify for the Marksmanship award. This list will be updated from time to time, so please refer to the Admiralty Order. The purpose of the Marksmanship Awards is to promote social activities. This is one of the reasons why all games listed require more than one person to play.

Issued by: Unit commanding officers down to the numbered fleet level

Order of Precedence: 65

Frequency: Once

Due to the legal liability associated with offering awards for actual marksmanship, live fire is specifically prohibited from being used to earn this award. Please see Admiralty Order 1406-03 for further explanation.