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Fed up of mounting your own ribbons? We'll do it for you!

To take advantage of this service,

  • First you need to add all the ribbons, attachments and a ribbon rack to your order.
  • Then come to this product and pick the amount of ribbons and the amount of attachments (e.g. Bronze Stars, Crowns, Diamonds).
  • Please remember to count all of them even if multiple would go on one ribbon, the GSN diamonds come as a pair so should be counted as 2.
  • Once you've added all of these, go to Medusa and use the "embed" option at the bottom of the page to get your ribbon rack for export, please put this into the Medusa option on this product.
  • You will need to pick your branch, this lets us see which is your "home" service for the order of the ribbons.
  • There is a comments box on this product so if you have any additional information to share please add it here.

Bureau of Supply staff will then pick and mount all your ribbons on your rack for you and it will be included in your order. Please be aware that as we do this to order your order will be delayed until this has taken place.

Ribbons cost $1.25 to mount and attachments cost $1.50 to mount. This is in addition to the costs to purchase them.