Masadan Occupation Medal

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Issued For: This award is issued to TRMN members for participation on behalf of The Royal Manticoran Navy at a function of another fan organization. A fantasy or science fiction fan organization is a national/international organization in which people join to become a participating member. Some may require members to pay annual dues, while others do not. They usually have specific rules, bylaws, and other operating procedures by which they operate. In many instances, certain military-style uniforms based on certain science fiction intellectual property must be worn at offi cial functions. This includes, but is not limited to, groups such as Maquis Forces International, STARFLEET International, Colonial Defense Forces, KAG, Ghostbusters, etc. It is possible to earn this award for participating at events which are not held by a fan organization, per se, in the following ways: 1. Going to a Renaissance Faire and attending a formal event (i.e., Tea with the Queen, which requires a separate purchase of an event ticket) would qualify, but simply attending the event, or activities which are included with the admission to the Faire, in RMN gear, would not; and, 2. Attendance at a sporting event theme night (hockey, baseball, soccer, etc..) which celebrates science fiction in general would also qualify, but attendance in RMN gear at an event which is specific a show (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.) would not qualify. The key word here is participation, not attendance. The Member must have done more than simply attend (i.e., served on a panel, worked on the Security detail, etc.) Likewise, the TRMN member must have worn their RMN/RMMC uniform or convention minimum TRMN outfit the entire time of the event. Additionally, the event in which is a TRMN member attends in their other uniform or fandom appropriate outfit must be wholly sponsored by the science fiction oriented fan organization in question. Simply attending a convention as a member of another science fiction oriented fan organization is not sufficient to qualify for this award.

Issued by: Unit commanding officers down to the divisional (RMN) or battalion (RMMC) level

Order of Precedence: 50

Frequency: Once per calendar year

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    good value for enlisted trim

    Posted by steve gale on Aug 23rd 2021

    good price for this item.