List of Honor Citation

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Issued For: This award is issued to a chapter which has gone above and beyond as a whole unit to achieve a special goal. Raising a large sum of money for charity, collecting a large number of toys for Toys-For-Tots, fielding a team of walkers for a cancer walk would all be good examples. An alternate criteria for the List of Honor Citation is if the chapter gets mention in an Honorverse novel and it is clear that it is one of our chapters. When a warship’s distinctions get its name added to the List of Honor, all crewmembers who served aboard during the time of the action that achieved this distinction are allowed to wear this citation. If it is a personal distinction, that is being personally named in an Honorverse without being connected to a Chapter, then the ribbon is worn without the scroll attachment. Personal Distinction is earned by being named in an Honorverse novel, where such naming is sufficient to identify a member of the RMN. It is worn on the right hand side of the uniform. Members who join a chapter after it has been named to the List of Honor, may wear this award on their uniform after they have been a member of the chapter for 60 days, but must cease wearing the award if they leave the chapter UNLESS the chapter earns a further award while the member was part of the chapter. It is possible for a chapter to earn this distinction multiple times by any of the following means: 1. Being named to the RMN List of Honor through the nominations process and selection as set forth by the Third Space Lord; 2. By having your chapter identified in an Honorverse novel or story, in such a way as there can be no mistake it is an active RMN Chapter at the time of the book or story’s release; and, 3. Having your chapter named to the RMN List a second, or subsequent time, for actions which eclipsed its previous actions which resulted in its name being added to the RMN List of Honor. A chapter may nominate itself for greater actions no more than once every three (3) years.

Issued by: Third Space Lord

Order of Precedence: 42

Frequency: Once per Ship per year, unless the chapter is named in an Honorverse novel or story during the same year it is named to the RMN List of Honor. There are no devices worn on the ribbon for multiple issuances of this award to a single chapter.

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