Knight Grand Cross/Knight Commander, Most Honorable Order of King Roger

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Issued For: This order is awarded for exceptional and inspirational service to the The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Fan Association. This order is reserved for personnel of the Royal Manticoran Armed Services and civilians in government service only . The Monarch, through the First Lord of the Admiralty, accepts members into the order based on the advice of the Royal Council. There are eight total classes, with the top four entitling the members to utilize the prefix ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’. The recipient is entitled to the post nominal letters based on the eight awardable classes as follows: Knight Grand Cross (GCR), Knight Commander (KDR), Knight Companion (KCR), Knight (KR), Companion (CR), Offi cer (OR), Member (MR), and Medal (RM).
The highest class, Knight Grand Commander (GDR) is reserved for the Monarch and therefore not awarded. This order is not hereditary. For each subsequent award, the member moves up one class.
Issued (Signed) by: Lord David Weber, First Grand Duke, Montana on behalf of the Monarch
Order of Precedence: 4 (Knight Grand Cross) 7 (Knight Commander), 9 (Knight Companion)
Please note the crown device is not available for the Knight Grand Cross.