Order of The Star Kingdom Sash

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This product is one sash for the Order of the Star Kingdom. This is a shoulder to hip ribbon that matches the KSK ribbons. It also contains the bow at the hip with a hidden clip for the hanging hip medal. The sash is 80 inches (203cm) in length in total. You can attach the bow at different heights to adjust the fit.

The sash is one size, and the bow has a clip that lets you affix it at a size that suits you. This should allow most if not all members of the order to find a fit comfortable to them.

A sash badge is not included in this product, we are hoping to offer the Sash Badge for this award shortly.

Please note that corrected bows are on the way to us now, and anyone who orders a sash while we're waiting will have the corrected bow shipped to them free of charge